Terms of Service

Commissioning and payment information:

  • Customer will be responsible for providing an accurate high resolution image of the character/item being ordered, minimum 2 view of the character required, preferred 3 view for best results in completing the character/order. Image of your character is to reflect what you want your suit to look like for us to build in order to receive a quote.

  • Payment in full is preferred, if payment in full is not possible we will require a 50% non refundable deposit upon commissioning. (this will lock in your slot not start your commission) 50% pays for time researching the supplies and for purchasing the needed supplies.

  • Short payment plan may be discussed during commissioning process to reach pay off status after 50% down payment.

  • Payments must be completed monthly in a timely manner per agreement of payment amount per month discussed with you the buyer and monster cat creations during the commissioning process. (minimum of $200 a month)

  • A signed agreement of our terms of service will be required, along with id or other item that can act as id to provide proof of being age 18 or older (we do not require the drivers license numbers they can be blacked out along with address, just birth date and photo are required to be shown)

  • Your Suit will not be put on the start list until the suit is paid off completely. 

  • Changes to the characters design or full character changes can result in additional charges for material replacement and additional time the costume may take to create.

  • Accepted forms of payment are Paypal, Money order, Bankers check, venmo, cashap and Square. We will not accept personal checks or cash through mail.

  • If something will possibly prevent you from making a payment please contact us as soon as you know you may not be able to make a payment, understand that this will not be tolerated more than once without good reason and can result in cancellation of your order. BE RESPONSIBLE! Do not commission us if you do not feel you can pay the monthly payments! We are not responsible for your poor choice and we are not a bank to pull money from when you have made a mistake or have an emergency. 

  • If you miss a payment without contacting us to inform of needing to miss a payment there will be a 5% of the total suit cost tacked on for the total price.

  • If we try to contact you more than once about making payments or any other suit/order related questions or concerns with no response after a month your suit/order will be considered abandoned and there will be no refund provided.

  •  At Monster Cat Creations we reserve the right to decline a commission for whatever reason found fit.

Behavior and cancellation:

  • There will be no tolerance for any rudeness or aggression toward staff or customers this will result in cancellation and blacklisting.

  • Rude/aggressive/negative comments toward customers/about customers, toward staff/about staff on any multi-media pages or reported to us from chats/comment sections can result in cancellation of your order.

  • If you decide to force refund without contacting monster cat creations, you will be canceled and blacklisted from commissioning/ordering from us again.

  • If we cancel your order due to your behavior you will only receive a refund for 40% if paid in full, if you are still paying off you will only receive a refund for what has been paid over the 50%

  • If you the customer cancel your order you will receive a 50% refund, you will not get the non refundable deposit. If still paying you will receive a refund for what has been paid over the 50%

  • If you decide to cancel you will be held to the terms of service refund policy. By signing our terms of service document, you fully agree to our terms for refund percentage. Going against our terms of service and forcing refunds outside the agreed percentage of the cost of the suit or item ordered Monster Cat Creations has full right to seek Legal action against you the buyer.


Contact/contacting, updates and work process:

  • Upon completion of securing a slot with Monster Cat Creations you will be required to email our customer representative with the information about your commission, the accurate reference artwork and the signed terms of service form.

  • All questions should be directed to our customer representative via email or telegram and they will be answered as quickly as possible.

  • Quotes will not be answered outside of our dates that we are stated open for commissions. All emails regarding a quote will be answered with a generic reply or bypassed.

  • Repeating from above, if we try to contact you more than once about payments or any other suit related questions or concerns with no response after a month your suit will be considered abandoned and there will be no refund provided.

  • All customers are provided various ways of contacting the owner and our customer representative, along with being provided our customer chat, update channel, and our trello to be able to access our work list and keep up with updates to current work/delays. We continuously update our channels and have ways to contact us, we will respond as soon as we can. (normally within 2 business days)

  • If you refuse to check these update channels or refuse to contact us we are not responsible for your lack of communication, we contact customers when we work on their product and when purchasing/picking supplies to ensure accuracy of the colors, we are not obligated to talk to customers outside our work hours or if we are not working on their product. We do not contact while not working on your product unless we need to speak to you about it.

  • Orders are worked according to their pay off date, items will not be started until they are paid off and are up for work according to their slot location from their pay off dates. Items being worked are mentioned within our update channels and can be seen via trello in our current work tabs as we work. 



  • Due to various responsibilities and obligations we cannot accept deadlines for a product. Currently our work list does not allow fluctuation in times to let us try a deadline on a commission



  • Upon purchase of a suit or item from Monster Cat Creations your suit will come with a free repair warranty for any mistakes in seams or size we made during construction of your order.

  • Mistakes found that were not addressed during the construction of your item after giving monster cat creations the go ahead to complete the item from provided work in progress images will result in fees to change the character.

  • If you have major damage to the suit that requires new fur or major repairs, there will be a fee for repairs to be made.

  • Monster Cat Creations will not do free repair/changes to your costume if you suddenly decide to change something on the suit that was not on the reference sheet originally. (I.E. eye color, new markings/different markings, ect.) We build your item/costume using the provided reference sheet, if it is not up to date we cannot be held responsible for the item/costume not being built correctly. You will be charged for any changes to the suit that were not on the ref sheet.

  • If you wish to ship and have repairs or changes made to the suit, please contact Monster Cat Creations owner to discuss repairs/changes and to schedule a time the costume/item can be in the shop, customer will be responsible for shipping fees to and from Monster Cat Creations.

    • Any customers outside of the U.S. please contact to discuss shipping for any repairs if you wish us to repair the suit for you or discuss a third party fixing the item/costume.

  • Your repair warranty will be terminated if there are any parts of the suit repaired outside Monster Cat Creations (I.E. eyes, nose, ears, ect) without prior contact for permission.

  • If you sell your suit and the new owner of the suit would like any repairs or changes made to the suit, we offer discounted repairs/changes/replacements for the new owner.

  • Once your Item leaves our possession into the mailing company your product is out of our hands. We have no association with the mailing companies other than shipping items through them and can not control what happens from the time it leaves our property.

  • Should your item arrive damaged please take photos immediately and immediately take the box and item that is damaged to your nearest company location so they can document the damage. (we ship using USPS unless requested by you the customer to use another mailing system, using a different mailing system may require additional cost as we do not have fedex or ups near our current location) and contact Monster Cat Creations to inform the item has shown up damaged from the carrier so we can help prepare proof of the price to replace/value of the costume. All packages are insured for their replacement value with us for the product to either be repaired or replaced if lost.

  • We are not responsible for damages that happen to your product from the shipping company. Insurance claims with the shipping company will need to be made and it is imperative you follow instructions above to help make sure we are able to help you put a claim in to be able to repair damages or replace the item if you wish us to replace or repair the item. Images of the damages will be required by Monster Cat Creations as well so we may help with if needed with the claim. As stated above, photos should be taken upon receipt of the product if the box is severely damaged and as soon as the item is opened and upon removing the item from the box so you may document that it did indeed show up to you damaged.

  • We are not responsible if the shipping company misplaces your product. We provide tracking with your item to allow both parties to watch where the item goes and when it will arrive and be able to try and find the item if it goes missing between one city and another. If your item goes missing during shipment please follow the companies guide for putting in a claim on said item.

  • Upon arrival you will have up to 5 days to report any construction errors to monster cat creations (i.e. seams missed). Reporting mistakes we made after 5 days will not be considered for our free repair due to suit has been in your possession long enough to find issues with construction of the costume

  • This warranty will be valid for as long as you own the suit.


Minors (under 18 years old):

  • Due to previous issues we will no longer be working with Minors under the age of 18 and will not work with a parent for someone under the age of 18 without references from other suit makers you have worked with and have positive feedback from those makers that your parent followed their t.o.s., if we permit a parent to commission they will be required to sign a waiver and our t.o.s. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. 



  • Customers will be provided work in progress images of their order via personal messages and update channels during building process to verify things are done correctly. If an issue is seen within the work in progress photo the customer is responsible to relay this to Monster Cat Creations owner upon receiving the images. If you the owner give Monster cat creations any form of agreement that the images provided of the order are correct and they move forward with completing your order, any changes after that can result in an additional charge due to you the owner not informing the maker of any errors seen within the images provided during the building process, claims of not noticing an error before will not be accepted.

  • All products will be photographed before shipping for our portfolio.

  • Please keep in mind those that are apart of Monster Cat Creations do have pets. Please be aware that if you have any allergies to animals you will run the risk of allergic reactions from the suits. Currently these animals include cats, dogs, along with farm animals such as horses, pigs, chickens, ducks, turkey and goats. We will not be held responsible for any allergic reactions.

  • All suits are cleaned with free and clear detergent and disinfected before being packed to ship. Items are packed in plastic to allow additional protection within the box it is being shipped in.

  • Monster Cat Creations will not be held responsible for any medical conditions not disclosed to us during the commissioning process. Those working within the shop do not have allergies or chemical allergens. We use everyday household items around us and the shop including air fresheners/oil melts/oil diffuser and candles, along with common cleaning supplies (i.e. lysol wipes/sprays) and hygiene products (i.e. scented shampoo/conditioner) If you have any sort of allergen to anything (including scents) please contact Monster Cat Creations owner or our customer representative immediately to inform us so we may ensure we take precautions for your product if it is an allergen we can work around. 


Fursuit items:

  • Customers will be provided a free sample of our fursuit spray with their purchase of a suit, additional larger sprays may be ordered to be sent with your suit if wished in different scents.

    • Fursuit sprays contain water, rubbing alcohol, essential oils, and vanilla stabilizer​

  • All suit orders come with various items as gifts from Monster Cat Creations as a thank you for ordering. Each order can vary according to what is sent with the suit.

Here at Monster Cat Creations we strive to bring you quality service and quality suits. Thank you for taking the time to read our terms of service.