All items are shipped via USPS unless otherwise requested, other shipment methods will require handling due to there are no drop locations that can take large items nearby. 

All items are insured for material replacement value. If your item should show up damaged please take photos of the box/package, take photos of said damaged item and take both the box/package and the item to your local post office for the shipping company used to ship to allow them to document the damages as well. Please note Monster cat creations is not liable for damages to items once they have left our hands and entered the mailing system. We are in no way affiliated with the shipping companies outside shipping items with said companies therefor can not control the speed in which an item shows up, how it is treated in shipment and can not do damage prevention during shipment. 

If your item is damaged in shipment we will work with you in fixing damages.


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We suggest washing your suit after outings and conventions.


Heads are water resistant and can be washed in a tub using cool/luke warm water and detergent. (we personally use gain free and clear and to add scent we use a few scent beads)


Bodies may be un-stuffed and turned inside out and put into the washer on delicate cool/luke warm (eco warm on some machines) and washed using detergent (again we use free and clear and some scent beads to add a fresh scent to the body) feet, hands and detached tails may also be washed in the washer. Items may be put in dryer on air fluff only DO NOT USE HEAT IT WILL DESTROY YOUR SUIT (Monster cat creations will not be held responsible if you use heat and damage your suit during cleaning)


Brushing after washing is required to have fur lay flat again and not look matted. Suggested are wire pet brushes, brushing in the opposite direction of the brush as to not tear out the fur fibers, if you do not wish to use wire stores also often sell plastic brushes. Some suits may require soft brushes to ensure longevity of the suits fur..


Fursuit sprays may be used during outings and conventions to bring a fresh scent and help disinfect your suit during these events. Fursuit spray is not a replacement to washing your suit, please properly wash your suits after outings and conventions to keep your suit healthy. good smelling and good looking longer.

If you are concerned about any of the above processes or products please feel free to contact Monster Cat Creations


We accept:

- Money order/bankers check
- Venmo/cashap

Square via credit/debit card



Frequently asked questions

Where can i get a quote?

Quotes are available uppon announcement via our quotes page only.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes we can ship most items internationally. Items excluded in international shipping are fursuit sprays.

Can I get an item/fursuit rush ordered?

Unfortunately we can not offer rush orders for fursuits or fursuit parts, some small items may be eligable for a rush order such as bandanas and fursuit sprays.

Where do you get your fur and supplies?

We have various webpages that we order our fur from. here is a list of websites for fur, minky and fabric:

we make our bases in house and they can be ordered for use in making your own suit if wished in our store, please credit and show us what you make if you use our items to build your suit! we love to see your creations! most other items we use can be found in stores such as hot glue, scissors and thread.

Can you tell me how to make suits or parts for suits?

Unfortunately due to current work load we can not answer individual requests on how to make items or fursuits. There are various places to watch tutorials and learn how to make various items online for free and a few that are paid access to tutorials.